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Recently from The Oldie - April 2014

If your computer is at least four years old there is a good chance, unless it’s an Apple, that it is using the Windows XP operating system. If it is, then you need to do some thinking, because on 8th April Microsoft will stop their “support” for it, leaving your computer increasingly susceptible to attacks by malicious scoundrels from all over the world.

Don’t panic; it will continue to work, just as before, it’s just that Microsoft will no longer be sending it monthly electronic repairs.  This is a constant battle; the cyber-crooks are always searching for vulnerabilities in mass market software and when they find a crack in the defences they exploit it by sneaking something malicious through it.  This might be to copy your passwords, or get into your emails, or worse.  It’s very unwelcome, sometimes sinister, and always a nuisance.

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Very nearly an armful...

The classic Tony Hancock "Blood Donor" episode

You can give blood yourself: Click here



A new industrial revolution

A new industrial revolution is underway and we are in the thick of it, but most people haven’t noticed; what’s more, it shows some remarkable similarities to the last one. One of the founders of Google claims that the amount of data we record every two days in 2013 is equal to all of the data that was recorded from the beginning of time to 2003. I think that’s exaggerating, but you get the picture.

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Google marches on...

I've just come across this extraodinary chart, courtesy of Business Insider.

It shows that Google alone is now a bigger recipient of advertising spend than either newspapers and magazines in the USA.  As the article points out, presumably it won't be long before Google not only eclipses magazines but also becomes bigger than magazines ever were — even when there was no Internet to compete with.

As he says, staggering.



Something from the internet

Too true, too true...


Knopfler & Green vs Hank Marvin

Every man of my generation who owned a guitar (we pretty much all did) at some stage sat in his bedroom trying to play like Hank Marvin.

So here's my dilemma - is it disloyal to prefer a newer version of the great Hank's oeuvre?

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Oldie hits 300...

Issue number 300 of The Oldie is out - and it includes column 168 from Webster. My first column was published in April 2000; it seems a very long time ago.

These are the sites I recommended in that first column; rather to my surprise, all but one still exist:
Second hand books - now part of Amazon
United Nations site, still there, with information about global crises.
Information about films - still the market leader.
The school inspectors - still inspecting &
Both still around, bigger than ever.