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The secret of TV news reports

The truth hurts...


Webster's latest article in The Oldie - July 2013

Rupert Murdoch has, once again, threatened a self-important bunch of vested interests and stirred up an overcharging industry. Whatever you think of him, you can’t but admire his appetite for a fight, especially as he undoubtedly qualifies as a genuine oldie these days.

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The most useless machine in the world.

This machine exists only to switch itself off.  That's what I call a machine.

One of my readers offers this excellent idea:

"Many of those hyperactive kids need something that they want to beat and most ly do so, destroying whatever it is in the process. Now put one kid infront of this machine and ask him to try to beat the machine. My best bet is he will eventually give up and be so tired he will fall into bed.
Get two machines and two kids, offering them a competition to see who can beat the machines . If nothing else a lot of hilarity should ensue."

Great plan - I hope the machine is strong enough.


President Obama's dog inspects the decorations...


Something is wrong with the Brighton lights...

Always difficult to know if this sort of thing is genuine, but it still raises a smile.


What to do when it snows


Man and bear working together

A video to cheer you up.  Man and bear can co-exist happily.



Don't panic!

It looks like the engineers have saved the day, and rigged up a fuel supply to the roof of the building so that the generator can carry on without the human chain of fuel carriers.  I'm impressed by the indomitable spirit of the New Yorkers who have kept it all going.  They could almost be British.


Countdown to blackout

After super-human efforts, including a human chain of thirty people passing bottles of fuel up thirty stories to keep a generator on the top floor going for four days now,  it seems that the hosts of this site are about to be defeated, finally, by the unhappy situation in Lower Manhattan.  It is possible they will be denied access to the building for safety reasons.

They are predicting that they may no longer be able to keep all the sites they host alive beyond about 6:30 pm today, Thursday 1 November.  So we might not be visible for a bit  - but I have every confidence the screens will not be dark for long.

Meanwhile, here is a video of salmon crossing the road on a road flooded by the hurricane in Washington:


Website blown over...

If you have had difficulty seeing this site, it's the fault of Hurricane Sandy.

This site lives within computers that are in Lower Manhattan, where there is a major electricity blackout.  Ever prepared, they are well equipped with emergency generators, and have survived other similar dramas, but when their basement filled with water, their fuel pumps and fuel tanks were completely flooded and unable to deliver any more fuel to tye seventeenth floor, wher the generators are.

So they sat and watched the generators slowly run out of fuel, apparently unable to do anything...  but New Yorkers are not so easily beaten.  They ordered fuel from elsewhere, marshalled their software coding types, and stood by to carry bottles of fuel up seventeen floors (the lifts were off, too).  That's what I call customer service.