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The Guardian just can't help themselves

How The Guardian manges to be accurate and take a pop at royalty simultaneously.

They really can't help themselves.  If you don't belive me the original is here.   


If electricity were sold like broadband...


The Page turner. The only way to do it.

Thanks to my son for pointing this one out to me.


Ad-Aware - a warning

In the past I have recommended the anti virus software Ad-Aware - but I have now withdrawn that recommendation.  

I have had reports from readers that the latest version (version 10) seems to be messing up some computers, and this is confirmed in online forums (click here and scroll down).  It is best avoided, at least for the time being.

They have also made it more difficult to get the free version, which is irritating, so I advise Oldie readers to stay clear until the news is better.  I'll keep an eye on it.

You can read about the software I do recommend by clicking here.


British Council Films

During the 1940's, the British Council was an enthusiastic commissioner of documentary films designed to promote an idea of Britain and ‘Britishness’. Over 125 films were produced as 'cultural propaganda' to counteract anything the Nazis might throw out and to refute the idea that ours was a country stuck in the past.  

Click here to go to the site or watch a film about the 1945 General Election here, from the perspecive of Kettering, which included John Profumo as a candidate who features heavily in the film.  He lost to the Labour candidate, an Old Etonian QC.  Plus ca change...



Competition: uncover a classic

Win the chance to see your name in print

Hesperus Press is a small, independent publisher and this year they are celebrating their 10th anniversary; they have launched a competition to celebrate.

They want you to recommend an out-of-print book that you would like to see back in print. You need to write a 500 word introduction explaining why you believe the book is worthy of re-publishing.  If they publish your choice, it will come out in September, and will include your introduction.

Closing date is 1st June, so there's no time to delay - more details here.


Fabulous response from Oldie readers

A little while ago I sent an email to everyone who has ever emailed me (impertinent, I know) to ask for support for my two eldest children's efforts to raise money for Cancer Relief UK.

I am thrilled to be able to say that the both finished - despite, in Celia's case, some injuries which threatened her participation.  The official results are here.

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of spirit and openness of wallets that has been shown - thank you very much indeed.  So far, they have raised more than £6,500, over £2,000 of which has come from Oldie readers of my column.  You can follow the success by clicking here.

I shouldn't be surprised; all the emails I get from readers are charming and thoughtful. That's Oldie readers for you.


Kindle reviews from readers

Looking for the reviews of the Kindle posted by readers?

Click here

Do you want to post your own review?

Click here


The Oldie - first with the news

You might be amused that the very current story about the Government changing the laws so that it can follow our emails (click here), a story spread all over the media, was mentioned in my column in the January 2011 issue  (you can see it here) over a year ago!

The Oldie is always first with the news.


Please support the people who helped to save my son's life

My son Duncan was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in early 2010, his final year at university.
He had seven months' worth of chemotherapy, which fortunately resulted in him being declared in complete remission late last year, and he has been well ever since.

This is a cancer-related story with a happy ending, but we all have many friends whose families have been as directly affected by cancer as ours with less happy results.

Because they know how lucky we have been, Duncan and his big sister Celia (that's them on the left, at Duncan's Graduation) have decided to raise money for Cancer Research UK, a charity that is instrumental in finding cures for various types of cancer, including the one Duncan had.

Research into cancer saved Duncan's life and has saved the lives of so many others and we'd love it to continue so even more lives can be saved. They have decided to start by asking for donors to support them running in the Brighton Marathon on 15th April 2012.

Their friends have already been very generous, but I can't tell you how much I'd appreciate any donation from anyone who reads my column in The Oldie in support of this splendid charity.

If you feel you would like to contribute, however modestly (or generously), please click here and push the "Donate now" button.

It only takes a matter of minutes, is totally secure and you can leave a message with your donation too, if you want, or remain anonymous. If you pay UK tax, Justgiving will automatically reclaim 28% Gift Aid on your donation at no cost or effort to you, so it's even better for the charity.

Here's that link again: click here and press the "Donate now" button.

If you do feel able to help, thank you very much indeed - but in any event, thank you for finding the time to read this post.