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In October 2009 I started collecting submissions from readers of The Oldie to include in an informal Directory of websites.

These sites have nothing in common except that they are run, or influenced, by a reader of The Oldie.

I originally intended to classify them all, but the range of sites quickly became so wide, that the number of classifications became unwieldy.

I therefore decided simply to list them in the order they were submitted, month by month - in a fairly browsable way.  I would encourage you to have a look through them; I am sure you will find something to interest, intrigue or inform you.

Just click on the links on the left in the Oldie Websites section.

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Please help us get it right...


One of the problems of any web directory is that the websites listed are completely out of the control of the compilers.  They can come and go without us noticing - also the content can change for better or worse, at any time.

For that reason, please do not hesitate to contact me if one of the links on this site leads you somewhere you would rather not be, or if it doesn't work at all.

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