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Kindle Reviews III

Thank you for the article on Kindle.  I converted two years ago after a nephew gave me a Sony e-reader, which I loved. It slips very easily into an aircraft seat pocket – and I left it there!  This was replaced by a Kindle form my wife, but I am having problems of finding the free books, if you could possibly advise?



I've just bought a Sony ebook reader.

The advantage over Kindle? You can download ebooks from your local library service  -  for free!

I can borrow up to 6 ebooks for 3 weeks at a time.



I'm also sold on the Kindle, but I'm one of the lucky ones who bought the 3G version which now seems to have been discontinued. It really comes into its own on trips abroad when my newspaper arrives automatically every morning - even in deepest Rajasthan, where wifi is something of a rarity! It also allowed me free Internet access (admittedly clunky, but good enough for me to keep up with the odd email. I will now guard this Kindle carefully, and might even look for a back-up on eBay.



I, too (age 74) was vehemently anti-Kindle. Then my son told me of an 80yr old he met who told him that since buying her Kindle, her life had been enhanced.  She suffered from macular degeneration and due to the text-enlarger was able to read again when the screen was "landscape".

She also used the voice-activator, since she found the number of Talking Books limited. I was converted. I bought one, and love it. Kindle will not be a replacement for books for me, but can be enjoyed alongside it.



Glad to hear you like the Kindle. I have had mine which is the WiFi version for some time now and consequently am not tied to a computer as I can download books from anywhere via Amazons "Whispernet". Another useful extra I have purchased is a cover with a built in light.  Great for reading in poor light or in bed.

The main thing I like however, is the built in dictionaries. No more reaching for a dictionary for a word I'm not sure of. Just scroll the cursor to the word and up pops the dictionary with a brief explanation. Press "more" for a more detailed description. I have also installed Roget's Thesaurus.

Like you I subscribe to the Spectator. I like how you can enlarge the front cover to make the picture and the print easier to view. It's a pity the cartoons are not shown but I believe some subscribers have asked Amazon to include these.



Like you, I am a recent Kindle Convert. When I was bought one for my birthday, my daughter also bought me a cover for it, with an inbuilt light. This allows me to read in bed without disturbing my husband.

Being a bit of an insomniac, I used to get up to read, but now I just reach out for my Kindle and snuggle down under the bed covers! It must figure among the best presents I've ever had.

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