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Kindle Reviews V

Welcome to the world of Kindle. I got mine as a (pre)Christmas present about 18 months ago after a family friend showed hers to me. Like you,I was originally skeptical about not having a "proper book" to read but now I am hooked!

A few complaints & comments:
1) The system occasionally freezes and it takes some time and patience to bring it back to life. Luckily, I have taken the precaution to download and print the instruction manual so at least I have somewhere to start from. Yes, the manual is built-in but this is of no use if the system is dead! Suggest printing it out to your readers.

2) I read a lot of non-fiction that often has accompanying illustrations and/or maps. These are reproduced in black-and-white at such poor resolution as to render them near worthless. They can be blown up with the built-in magnifier but it hardly helps.

3) Out-of-copyright books in the US are cheap but not free. I did get the complete works of Jane Austen and the Forthsyte Saga for the grand total of about 5 US dollars, but I envy you if you can get them for nothing

4) I agree that the silly little keyboard is a problem, but it works. I hate touch screens because they are totally unreliable

5) I bought the plastic cover that is an optional extra. It is worth the money

I understand that the new Kindle Fire (at twice the price) overcomes many of the keyboard, resolution and colour problems but I have not yet investigated them.



Thank you for writing such a glowing report about the Kindle, I totally agree with all your comments.  I received mine as a present some time ago and I couldn't have wished for a better gift.  As a young at heart 'oldie' who is always ready to 'have a go' at new challenges in the 'high tech world', the Kindle made my day, and nights.

I mostly read at bedtime and with a little reorganising of the bedding it's so easy to hold and turn the pages without getting cold hands. No battling with a whole book while wrestling with unruly pages, or trying to keep it within focus when trying to read. The pictures may be absent but when reading a novel or any other written books nothing could be better. I have my Kindle in a wallet or cover and it is possible to clip a small bendable light on the top.

I understand that back-lighting is not advisable before sleep and front illumination is much better, not that I have needed any up to now, the words are clear and easy to follow. Ordering is simple even if one is not 'latched' on to the computer. I can relax while choosing a new book, even in the middle of the night, more sensible than rushing off to the shops in my nightie to buy a paper back! No risk of being arrested on suspicion of strange behaviour either!

An added bonus is the greeting received ' Hello Helen, the book you have just ordered will be sent to your Kindle. Low and behold there it is!  Beats me how it all works or is someone sitting there through the night awaiting calls from such as me.  No doubt with the coffee and sandwiches near at hand.  No great expense, no finished books to clutter up the house, unless you are in the process of stocking a library, what could be better.   Thank you Kindle and Amazon.



I am also a Kindle fan.  I particularly like the sample feature.  You hear about a book.  Go to the Kindle store on the machine itself and opt to download a free sample.  You get the first 10 pages or so.  That is usually enough to help you decide.  A bit like browsing in a bookshop.

Many think tanks publish political papers in pdf form.  Download them to your computer then use the USB lead to transfer them to your Kindle.  The trick to reading pdfs is to rotate the Screen from the same menu that allows to change the font size.


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