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Who you gonna call?

This is a fairly well known site, but I would hate to think of any Oldie readers not having it in their list.

It is more and more common for companies to give their telephone number as one that starts '0870'.  This means that if you ring it during the day, you are likely to be paying almost 9 pence per minute (that's not a misprint) and, to rub salt in the wound, the company gets a slice of that 9p.

However, all companies have a real telephone number as well, which is considerably cheaper to call (many have an 0800 number too, which is free), and is a growing list of those numbers.

You enter the company name, or their 0870 number, and if they have it on the list, up pops the alternative. Marvellous.

The site charges nothing and relies on sponsorship, donations and advertising to survive. 

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