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Sausages and software

TescoOh golly - now Tesco is selling their own brand of software - a basic set of programmes for £20. Is there no area of our lives they do not want to inveigle their way into?

Actually, the software is not as cheap as it sounds - it's simply a re-branded version of a set of programmes called Ability Office which normally costs about £2 to computer manufacturers if they sell their machines with it built-in, and you can buy for about £17.50 as a full retail product under it's own name.

It's perfectly respectable stuff, but I doubt if it is much better than the Microsoft Works package that is given away for free by Bill Gates - although, such is the power of marketing, many of us feel happier having paid for something.  That's what Tesco hopes, anyway.

Good luck asking for some technical help from the nice ladies on the till, though.

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