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The floods reach Cyberspace

Upton%20upon%20SevernThe recent awful floods have even reached cyberspace - at least one provider of web space in Gloucester is off the air as I write, which means that none of the websites that they look after is available at present, wherever the owners are based.

This could be major issue if those sites transact a lot of business online, and it simply higlights how important it is to have alternative arrangements available in case of emergency like this.

It also demonstrates the very high value of online back up systems such as Mozy, that I recommended once before.  The beauty of these remote systems is that encrypted copies of your files are stored somewhere a long way from home (in Utah, in Mozy's case) and so if your computer is ruined by water, or just floats away on the tide, you can recover the files once you've bought a new bit of kit.

There are a lot of other online services like Mozy, but for what it's worth it's the one I use, and you can store up to 2GB of data (plenty for most of us) free.  You can see my original article (which still holds good) by clicking here.

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Reader Comments (1)

Floods are awful and altho' Mozy may help those who only run one hard disk which perforce will contain the operating system, installed programs & created files, it is slower than FTP-ing valuable files up to your own webspace provided by your own ISP.

If users are anxious about back-up I advise installation of a 2nd hard disk (D: drive) to hold user created files only. (Desktops have space for 2nd hard drives but laptops rarely do.) Save files to this 2nd disk in the first instance and that's it! No backing up and no created files lost when a a PC crashes calamitously 'cos such crashes only affect the C: drive. Just in case FTP really valuable files up to your ISP webspace which is free.

I tried Mozy 'cos Webster's tips are worth investigating and it works reliably, if somewhat pedantically compared with simple FTP-ing, but the accumulated cost of backing up my created files wih Mozy would would have exceeded the cost of the 2nd hard drive on which they are all kept!

My 2nd hard disk is now in its 3rd PC. My really valuable files are business accounts which I back up on a local PenDrive (for instant portability should the need arise) before FTP-ing them up to my ISP webspace for free.

PCs are personal things organised to suit personal tastes. If you like having a single hard drive or are stuck with having only one and also like the idea of auto back-up then Mozy should suit you. Do review your needs if you find yourself paying for Mozy backup because, if it can be fitted, a 2nd hard drive will be cheaper in the long run.
July 30, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterBob Willcox

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