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Talk Talk and Orange suffer

Two Internet providers suffered some criticisms over their levels of service from one of the comparison web sites - - following one of their surveys, which interviewed over 10,000 people, so I suppose it might be worth something.  It's worth a read if you are considering changing your provider - and we all should, every so often, as it's such a fluid market.

You can download the whole report from uSwitch by clicking here, but the main points that seem to emerge are

  • Overall, satisfaction with Broadband is tumbling.
  • Small is beautiful - users are happier with the little providers.
  • BT is voted best for customer support (they didn't ask me, is all I can say) but worst for value for money.
  • Orange (which was Freeserve, once) is bottom of the poll for the second time.
  • Talk Talk's massive investment has not paid dividends yet.

Is there anything in common with the main criticisms?  Well it might be that both Orange and Talk Talk offer "free" services - which seem to be worth every penny. they cost.

As the MD of says in the report "Our message  to broadband companies  is  to stop  telling us what you’re doing and actually start  doing  it." 

Makes sense to me.


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