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My car is greener than yours

Act on CO2If you are thinking of changing your car, and want "greenest" one you can afford, you can do worse than have a look at the new Government website which will help you decide.

It's at Act on Co2  and the best bit of news to come out of it is a slap in the face for the Holier than Thou drivers of the Toyota Prius Hybrid which has marketed itself as the greenest of the green and is beloved of film-stars and media types who want to advertise their virtuousness.  It isn't the best anymore - that honour now goes to the little VW Diesel Polo Blue Motion, which not only pumps out less CO2, but is several thousand pounds cheaper and doesn't even attract the £15 Road Tax that the Prius does.  But I can't see Richard Gere driving one.

My own approach has been to discourage the manufacturers from making new cars altogether (and thus depleting world resources) by refusing to buy them.  Determined though my action has been, however, it doesn't seem to have had much effect on them.

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