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Foot and Mouth site helps you find your home

Defra%20logoThe current worry about Foot and Mouth disease has spawned a lot of traffic on the internet, including a huge amount of speculation and misinformation.  For an independent view that will appeal to Oldies, I recommend Mary Critchley's Warmwell Blog.

You'll find it at  It was set up during the last Foot and Mouth attack, and to quote an editorial in Country Life: "This website has served as a rapier, puncturing the bladder of Government obfuscation, by publishing a highly informed, topical digest of news".  We need more of that sort of stuff.

For the official line, you need to refer to the Defra website  or for another point of view the National Farmers Union site.

One light moment in a sea of serious news - the Defra site includes an Interactive Map that some clever types within the ministry have put together.  The idea of the map is that it allows you to check if you are within the affected area, and shows the various control or restrictions zones. 

That's what it does - but what it actually says  is "The interactive map allows you to find out where you live and if you fall within any restriction zones."

Always useful for us Oldies to have somewhere to check just where it is we live...

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